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Using the eco friendly way to have meals; Wooden cutlery

Using the eco friendly way to have meals; Wooden cutlery

In Singapore, they created a campaign called The Green Plan 2030 in order to maintain sustainability.  So what can we do to be part of it? This is why we introduced you to our SG wooden cutlery!

Benefits of using wooden cutlery

Firstly, they are safe to use as they don't contain toxin unlike plastic cutlery. Wood is a natural material. Wooden cutlery can last long too, as they don't wear off or rust even after using them for a long time. As mentioned, it helps save the environment as wood does not cause pollution.

How to store wooden cutlery

Keep away from heat sources as heat dries wood. Store in a dry place. If you have wooden utensils that you use regularly, it’s best to store them in an area that has low humidity and is protected from moisture, like under your kitchen sink. 


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