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Packman: Food Packaging: Where to store Lunch boxes?

Packman: Food Packaging: Where to store Lunch boxes?

Storing lunch boxes efficiently can help keep your kitchen or pantry organized. Here are some suggestions on where you can store them:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets:

    • Upper Cabinets: Utilize the upper cabinets in your kitchen to store lunch boxes. You can stack them neatly to save space.
    • Lower Cabinets: Use lower cabinets to store larger or heavier lunch boxes that might be too cumbersome to place in the upper cabinets.
  2. Drawer Organizers:

    • You can use drawer organizers to keep lunch boxes and their corresponding lids separate and organized.
  3. Open Shelves:

    • If you have open shelves in your kitchen or pantry, they can be a great place to store lunch boxes. This makes it easy to grab them when you need them.
  4. Dedicated Pantry or Cupboard:

    • If you have a pantry or a cupboard that's not used for daily essentials, consider dedicating a shelf or section to store lunch boxes. This can help keep them out of the way but still easily accessible.
  5. Baskets or Bins:

    • Use baskets or bins to corral lunch boxes together, especially if you have a variety of sizes and shapes. Labeling the baskets or bins can also help you quickly find the one you need.
  6. On Top of the Refrigerator:

    • If space permits, the top of the refrigerator can be a convenient spot to store lunch boxes.
  7. Hooks on the Inside of Cabinet Doors:

    • Install hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang smaller lunch boxes or their corresponding lids.
  8. Under the Kitchen Island or Counter:

    • Utilize the space under your kitchen island or counter to store lunch boxes. This can be a great way to keep them accessible but out of sight.
  9. On a Dedicated Shelf or Rack:

    • Consider installing a dedicated shelf or rack in the kitchen or pantry specifically for storing lunch boxes. This can help keep them organized and prevent clutter.
  10. Unused Wall Space:

    • If you have unused wall space in your kitchen, you can install shelves or racks to store lunch boxes.

Tips for Organizing Lunch Boxes:

  • Sort by Size: Store lunch boxes by size, with the largest at the back and the smallest in front, to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Keep Lids Together: Store lids separately in a designated spot or use a lid organizer to keep them together and easily accessible.
  • Label or Color-code: If multiple family members use lunch boxes, consider labeling them or using different colors to make it easier to identify whose is whose.

By utilising these storage solutions and organising tips, you can keep your lunch boxes neat, accessible, and easy to find when you need them.


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