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Packman: Food Packaging: Where to store cutlery

Packman: Food Packaging: Where to store cutlery

Storing cutlery properly helps to keep it organized, accessible, and in good condition. Here are some common and effective ways to store cutlery:

  1. Utensil Drawer Organizer:

    • This is one of the most common methods. Use a drawer organizer with compartments specifically designed for different types of cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, etc.).
    • This keeps each type of utensil separated and easy to find.
  2. Utensil Caddy or Holder:

    • A caddy or holder can be placed on the countertop or kitchen table.
    • It is convenient for when you need to grab utensils quickly during meal prep or serving.
  3. Wall-mounted Magnetic Strip:

    • A magnetic strip mounted on the wall can hold metal cutlery, especially knives, securely.
    • This method is space-saving and also adds a modern touch to the kitchen decor.
  4. In-drawer Knife Organizer:

    • This is a safe and efficient way to store knives.
    • It protects the blades and keeps them organized and easy to access.
  5. Vertical Utensil Dividers:

    • These are inserted into deep kitchen drawers to keep utensils upright and separated.
    • It maximizes the use of drawer space.
  6. Kitchen Drawer Peg System:

    • This is a customizable system where you insert pegs into the drawer to create compartments of varying sizes to fit your cutlery.
    • It’s a flexible solution that can be adapted to different types and sizes of utensils.
  7. Utensil Baskets:

    • Baskets can be placed inside drawers or on shelves to hold cutlery.
    • This method allows you to remove the entire basket to set the table or carry to the dining area.
  8. Hanging Baskets or Racks:

    • These can be hung on the wall or inside cabinet doors.
    • They offer an alternative storage solution, especially for kitchens with limited drawer space.
  9. Divider Trays in Cabinets:

    • If you prefer to keep your cutlery in a cabinet rather than a drawer, use divider trays to organize and separate the different types of utensils.
  10. Stackable Trays:

  • Stackable trays can be placed inside cabinets or drawers to separate and organize cutlery.
  • They are adjustable and can be customised to fit the available space.

Tips for Storing Cutlery:

  • Keep Similar Items Together: Store knives with knives, forks with forks, and spoons with spoons to make it easier to find what you need.

  • Protect the Blades: Always store knives with the blades facing down to prevent injury and protect the blades.

  • Consider Accessibility: Store the most frequently used utensils in an easily accessible location.

  • Clean Before Storing: Make sure cutlery is clean and completely dry before storing to prevent rust and damage.

  • Regularly Declutter: Go through your cutlery regularly and remove any items that are no longer needed or used.

Choose the storage method that best fits your kitchen layout, the amount of cutlery you have, and your personal preferences for organization and accessibility.


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